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Handcrafted acoustic guitars by James Malejczuk

Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick, Canada

JM Guitars  © 2013

Located on the western boundary of the Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick, JM Guitars is a very small upstart shop that started building in September 2015.  Growing-up I learned how to play the piano but always had a fascination with guitars.  My first 'hands-on' was my older brother's 1973 Mansfield 683 (which he still has today).  Despite my best attempts to play it as a young kid in the 70's learning how to play would not come until many years later and once introduced, I was hooked.  The enjoyment of playing led to to my interest to build and I was fortunate to undertake an intensive course of instruction, from where I have continued to evolve my appreciation and approach to building.  I enjoy the process, the art and the science of handcrafting an acoustic guitar, and each build brings with it new ideas and insights that I look forward to incorporating into a future build.  I would be remiss if I did not mention that building also allows me to meet great people and make new friends.   

There are normally no more than two builds going on at any one time and as with any handcrafted guitar, each build is considered unique.  The local area is source to some woods that bring with them their own "provenance' and it is always exciting to find a new discovery that will add to the story of the build.  I enjoy combining woods that create not only a nice sounding guitar but a focal point that will draw not only the attention of other guitar players, but that of non-players as well - every guitar has its own story!

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