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Handcrafted acoustic guitars by James Malejczuk

Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick, Canada

JM Guitars  © 2013

These collections represent what remains from Canada's iconic Windhorse Farms located on Nova Scotia's south shore when part of it was in operation as a wood-product business.​

Sustainably harvested with great respect for the old-growth Acadian Forest, these collections have been tucked away and air-drying for 15-plus years.. 

These quality soundboards are made from 200 to 400 year old trees that were harvested with great care, only winter cut, and hauled out with horses so that the natural Acadian Forest remained undisturbed. The old-growth forest provided growth conditions that yield exceptional wood with the same specific gravity and hardness of the traditional high elevation Appalachian Red Spruce used in the great vintage guitars.